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 The worlds first Real-Time... Fuel Economy and Gas Savings technology for autos, trucks, aircraft and yachts that calculates the lowest fuel costs and carbon emissions; while at the same time, conserves our fossil fuels and lowers greenhouse gases... so you won't waste fuel! 

AutoFuelapp is an intuitive fuel savings and carbon reduction software platform using optimization logic to determine the lowest fuel costs and fastest drive time.  By integrating a number of trip specific factors such as; the lowest gas price, vehicle weight, passengers, cargo and other relevant data the software application returns information in an easy-to read format.


The software application works on the Internet, Smartphones, Tablets/PC's, Hand-held devices

On-board displays and returns the results in less than 15-seconds.




                       CO2 Technology


Patented Technology Lowers the Effects of Climate Change

Fuel Savings

Fuel Optimization



Fuel Optimization

Climate Change technology that makes a difference
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