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We Approach Fuel Economy & Fuel Savings                                                      

Use it for your everyday driving or on trips

How It Works


The patented technology has been put to work in a user-friendly software application that utilizes optimization logic to determine to lowest gas cost and carbon emissions for the very car or truck that you drive. 
By sifting through a multitude of factors such as; the lowest fuel price, vehicle weight, passengers, cargo, current weather and other relevant data; then, in less that 15-seconds displays the information in an easy-to-read format on the web, smartphones, hand-held devices and on-board displays.


Unique Single/Multi-Leg Algorithms find the lowest gas costs  

In Seconds!


-When you need to buy gas

-Where to purchase gas
-How much to purchase

-Built-in fuel reserves

-Lowest CO2 emissions

-Vehicle specific info

-Tracks and prints data


 Example of Multi-Stop Trip
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Reduce C02 Emissions 


Our patented technology can help you reduce your fuel costs and lower greenhouses gases; while, at the same time conserve our fossil fuels for future generations.

Save Money.... Lower Emissions                                                      

Fuel Cost

Instantly drive down fuel cost with algorithms that find not only the lowest priced fuel but take into account closer fuel options, upload and more!

C02 Emissions

Our patented system calculates emissions and optimizes routes for sustainable efficiency.

% Saved

Increase your percentage saved every single month.  

Optimized Trip Example: 2011 Buick LaCrosse CXS Sedan

Lowest Cost Route

Input Information


What Separates us from the Competition                                                      

•  Lowers fuel costs and greenhouse gases (environmentally positive)


•  Software application in the cloud, smartphones and hand-held devices


•  Conserves on our fossil fuels thru improved utilization of fuel


•  Displays the lowest fuel costs, fastest route by trip leg and trip summary


•  User-friendly display returns multi-stop trip data in less than 15 seconds


•  Displays suggested fuel uploads based at each leg of the trip


•  Uses real-time data - weather, fuel prices, and many other factors


•  Built-in overrides for user to quickly change trip route profile 

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