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Patented Technology

Fuelapp Technology Opportunities

There are a number of ways to benefit with our one-of-a-kind patented technology.  

     You decide… licensee/partnership or other type arrangement... it’s a win-win for everyone.

Technology Developed for Transportation

The methodology and system architecture developed in the patents for aircraft fuel optimization for multi-stop routes were developed for other industries as well and include the embodiments for autos, long-haul trucks and yachts.

Unique Technology

The technology has been integrated into an intuitive software application running on the web, smartphones, tablets and on-board displays to calculate the purchase of gas at the lowest cost; while, at the same time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  By using a number of specific drive factors such as; lowest fuel price, vehicle weight, distances between destinations, passengers, luggage, cargo, gas consumed and weather the software then displays the results in an easy to read format in less than 15 seconds.

Lowest Price Often Not The Best

The cost of fuel has the greatest impact on the direct operating costs of a vehicle.   However, because there are a number of factors that bear on both fuel costs and fuel-efficiency makes minimizing fuel costs and lowering carbon emissions a difficult task.

It’s much more than just buying gas at the lowest price in the nearby area; seeing as, that could result in possibly not taking advantage of an even lower fuel price along the drive route.  

And yet, you can’t simply lower your fuel costs by driving to a location along the drive route that has an even lower fuel price. That is, because, the additional fuel used in traveling to the lower priced fuel and the additional weight of the fuel uploaded along with other factors such as the weather, traffic, vehicle speed, fuel used and time required to get back to the planned drive route may not make a meaningful impact on the total cost of the trip.


Consumers - Auto manufacturers - Trucking companies - Driving direction websites - GPS cell phone directions - Fuel retailers - Fuel suppliers - Retail stores - Software service providers - Travel agencies - Geospatial services providers - GPS fleet services providers - Fuel price websites

 Win-Win for Everyone

  • Drives down gas costs and carbon emissions up to 15%

  • Displays single/multi-stop drive routes in less than 15-seconds

  • Easy-to-use custom overrides and defaults for on-the-go changes

  • Displays: lowest fuel costs, fastest route, CO2 emissions and drive route summary

  • Calculates drive routes in real-time using vehicle specific info and other data

  • Built-in defaults with fuel reserves and overrides

  • Displays how much fuel to purchase, unit price, brand and location

  • Displays the lowest trip costs, fastest route for each drive leg and trip summary

  • Displays the lowest carbon emissions for each leg with trip summary

  • Easy-to-read display shows where, when and how much fuel to purchase

  • Displays tankering opportunities and suggested uploads plus savings

  • Environmentally positive with Carbon Emissions and Carbon Trading Modules

  • Real-time data - vehicle specific; fuel prices, and other important information

  • Software application on the Internet, smartphones, hand-held devices and vehicle on-board displays

  • Environmentally positive - reduces greenhouse gases 

  • Conserves on fossil fuels with fuel-efficiency technology

  • Calculates, tracks and stores drive routes CO2 emissions



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